Use of glass fabric combined with composite waterproofing sealant: F-Seal adhesive is the most advanced waterproofing solution available today with very high durability that can protect hundreds of buildings. male.
Modern technology

On the market today, there are many different waterproofing technologies such as waterproofing of cement, waterproofing membranes, bituminous heat … These products are widely used, but there are many quality constraints. , Time of construction, durability … and therefore not meet the requirements of waterproofing of customers.
Thick lip,

Composite composite is a specialized product used in boat maintenance and repair; Help cover, protect special structures. F-Seal waterproof adhesive is made up of two important components: composite waterproofing adhesive and curing agent. In addition, multilayered glass fabrics are also used for reinforcement, which increases the waterproofing ability of F-Seal many times, preventing cracking on concrete surfaces.

F-Seal is rated as the most modern waterproof solution today. When in liquid form, the gel penetrates into the capillaries in the concrete, then cures itself and fills the capillaries, creating a firm grip in the concrete, simultaneously forming a waterproof membrane on the surface. concrete.

With the combination of two permeable membrane diffusion and membrane permeability products, F-Seal waterproof sealant has created a new step in waterproofing technology, and can be applied to all public items. Floor, roof, wall, basement, basement, toilet, plot, basin, water tanks, underground tank, swimming pool …

A special advantage of F-Seal waterproofing technology is that the construction time is very fast. Construction in just one hour, curing in 4 hours and the time to put into work the next item after 24 hours; It has shortened construction time compared to old waterproofing technologies. According to the disclosure, it is because the research and introduction of effective technologies and shorten the time that most construction works of the FLC Group have completed the speed “speed” The quality criteria in construction.