Your house is leaking due to the impact of the environment …? It may be due to one of the causes such as: water on the roof, joints of iron roof screws, cracking between the door and the wall, seepage basement walls, seepage across the hip between the two houses with openings …

Waterproofing is a painful, important and necessary problem
It is important to overcome the consequences of seepage, prevent the penetration, mold in your home is not easy.
Most of the construction and finishing materials (concrete, tile, tile …) have tiny pores on the surface and cracks due to environmental impact and the process of construction and use. From these “pinholes”, under the change of weather may be the beginning of the leakage later. Therefore, it is important to note before choosing materials for construction.

Wall surfaces exposed to harsh climates should use shielding measures, reduce radiation such as creating green patches, using grids, …

It should be noted that the roof is essentially a sloping slope with a small slope rather than horizontal … like a desk. It is therefore necessary to compute reasonable water levels with not too long ramps, multiple grooves and drainage holes. Limit obstructions to obstruct drainage on roofs such as decorative columns, flowers …
In addition, about 50% of the cases related to water supply and drainage pipes due to pipe quality, construction specifications, joint treatment … can be erroneously infeasible. It is well known from the top down, but there is also reverse back from the ground up due to poor waterproofing calculations.

Waterproofing process

Once you have determined the cause of the leaking, you have walked half way. The processing will be much simpler. You can handle yourself or contact the waterproofing services.

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