Phuc Tat Dat Production and Trading Company Limited (Da Nang) has just officially announced a special promotion program in Da Nang city during the three months before Tet Dinh Dau: Composite with the same price of waterproofing using traditional materials.

The inherent situationThis is considered to be a strong “technological value competition” between the investment unit and the new waterproofing technology solution, with the viewpoints, thinking and treating waterproof inherent in consumers.

“We found that most consumers still maintain a traditional waterproofing treatment, using only inherent materials such as cement and cementitious material to” salvage “damaged structures. pair. Even people who accept costly investments are more expensive than the value of the technology available, as long as the building is not impervious. But if you do not think of a new, more scientific, technological solution, that choice will only cost you more. ” Pham Hoang Trung, Director of Phuc Tat Dat Company shared.

According to technical experts on waterproofing technology, in the past, construction works, related to cracking, leaking, would be associated with the use of cement or other types of cementitious structures to treat. physical.

The mechanic removes, clears the concrete surface, walls, removes the old cement, then either coatings the cement, or applies cement additives to the surface, trying to Create isolation membrane between buildings with natural environment outside such as rain water, running water.

However, due to the water-cement-based nature and the degree of elasticity between cement layers on the surface of the building will be different so only over a period of time, the waterproofing mortar can peel off, crumbling Or “lead” away, lose the ability to isolate with water permeability. The work is patchy patch. Investors again have to spend money, effort to re-processing.

By the tug-of-war between the endless solution and the desire of the developers, the quality of the works is increasingly being affected, and especially investors will no longer believe in waterproofing solutions. half.

The scientific survey from the experts showed that the bumpy landscape of the quality of waterproofing treatment that can last for years, costing a lot for the works that still do not solve the problem.

New technology, constant price!

From experimental research into new building materials, using composite technology Phuc Dat Dat has experienced success in sustainable waterproofing solutions for buildings.

Construction solution is done, after flat, dry surface, will use composite material covered with a cover, create a “plastic film” isolate the work with the natural environment. Due to its hydrophobic and corrosion-resistant nature, the chemical and the great expansion, this composite film becomes an effective “shield” without the passing of water molecules. The surface of the building is guaranteed to be no longer leaking.

Moreover, as the material is durable with natural environment, composite also allows to increase the surface stability of the works many times, not soon as “aging” as the traditional cement-based materials. This is the reason for the company Duc Dat Dat confidently announce warranty policy will last up to 10 years, not just 3 years as other waterproofing solutions.

The only thing that many people worry about is the cost of construction, investment in new waterproofing materials always 2-3 times higher than traditional materials. Understanding this, Phuc Dat Dat decided to reduce construction costs, committing “each unit of waterproofing Composite will be equivalent or lower than the cost of construction of traditional materials.

This was established by investment planning that Phuc Dat Dat applied when deploying new waterproofing technology in Danang and its vicinity.

Practical compared to the traditional waterproof material with cement-based, composite waterproofing technology requires investment, construction costs about 3 times. But through the fact of calculating the savings from the works already done, Phuc Dat Dat company will use competitive prices to reach more positive goals, mobilize consumers to access anti-handling technologies. ravenous.

According to the company, the new construction price of the technology will encourage communities to adopt this new solution more, meaning that it will bring more benefits to the owners of civil engineering works. This is the goal of committed business action with customers: will only bring the best benefits to their works!